Conductivity cells

CELLS AND CONDUCTIVITY MEASUREMENTS: Conductivity measurement is carried out by means of a probe called conductivity cell that is connected to the conductivity meter and immersed in the solution to be measured; the measured value is expressed in µS/cm or mS/cm (sub-multiples of the main unit of measurement S/cm). There are different conductivity cells for different measuring ranges: Cell with constant C=1 measuring range: 10 µS ... 10 mS Cell with constant C=0.1 measuring range: 0.1 µS ... 1 mS Cell with constant C=10 measuring range: 100 µS ... 200 mS Like all physical parameters, conductivity is also affected by temperature variation, which is why conductivity cells also incorporate a temperature sensor to compensate for this variation and to achieve the highest possible accuracy. Thanks to temperature compensation, it is possible to express the conductivity value at a single reference temperature (normally 20°C or 25°C) regardless of the actual temperature of the sample.