Portable multiparameters

XS Instruments ® multi-parameter instruments, MADE IN ITALY, combine the functions of pH meters and Conductivity meters in a single instrument, thus bringing advantages in terms of space, ease of use and transport, and also price. Like pHmeters and Conductivity Meters, Multiparameters also exist in both portable and bench versions. The line of portable instruments (like bench-top instruments) includes these multi-parameter instruments: - pH 7 Vio + Cond 7 Vio --> PC 7 Vio - pH 70 Vio + Cond 70 Vio --> PC 70 Vio Again, features vary from basic to advanced models. The PC 7 Vio is the basic model, for fast and accurate readings in the field. The PC 70 Vio allows you to record the values measured in the field (1000 data in GLP format) and transfer the data to a computer, for more in-depth analysis, or to produce detailed analysis reports. Depending on the model and sensor connected, these instruments allow pH/mV/Cond/TDS/Salinity and Temperature measurements to be carried out with a single instrument. To cover a wide range of field requirements, these instruments can be equipped with sensors with cable lengths from 1 to 5 m. Despite being the result of combining several instruments, and allowing complex measurements, our multi-parameters have the pleasant characteristic of being simple and intuitive, designed to be practical in the field. The functions and buttons are the same as those found on single-parameters, so the full potential of these instruments can be exploited using a few simple commands. It should also be remembered that all instruments in the XS Instruments® 7/70 Vio series are IP 57 watertight, and can therefore be used even in the most extreme climatic conditions. In particular, they are suitable for the food sector, dairies, galvanic industry, environmental analysis on land and at sea, where the presence of humidity is particularly high and easily damages less protected instruments. Among the portable instruments, XS Revio, also totally conceived and designed in Italy, was officially introduced in mid-2020. A '3in1' of the finest quality: pH meter, conductivity meter and oximeter. Not forgetting cascade parameters such as TDS, Salinity, Redox measurement and Resistivity.