portable pH meters

Portable pH meters are designed for field measurements. In particular, the new XS Instruments® portable pH meter series, MADE IN ITALY 7/70 Vio Series, features an elegant and ergonomic design, a large, high-resolution colour LCD display (backlit) for simultaneous pH and temperature indication, stability indicator and calibration data. The pH meter pH 7 Vio is an entry-level instrument that is very easy to use, with only 6 keys you can perform all operations. It measures pH, mV electrode, mV ORP (1 calibration point) and temperature. The pH meter pH 70 Vio on the other hand is an instrument with advanced functions such as Data Logger to record values with date and time, 1000 saves in GLP mode, connection to PC via USB interface for data download. Measurement of pH, mV electrode, mV ORP (1 calibration point) and Temperature. Three models of KNICK brand conductivity meters are manufactured in Germany and offered by GIORGIO BORMAC Srl. Analogue or Memosens technology, they are valid alternatives to XS, with a special mention for the Portavo 904 pH, dedicated to the ATEX environment.