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A group of European experts in electrochemistry have developed this new line of bench top meters, finding the right combination between a good looking design, innovative ideas in pH and conductivity measurement and easy use. 

In this big project born three levels of Bench-top pHmeter: 

pHmeter 80 series: easy is the name of the game 

large colour display easy to read, GLP information, intuitive multilanguage interface.Up to 5 points of calibration with icon support. Easy to calibrate 

pHmeter 8 series: simple and easy

only five keys allow the user to control all functions in an intuitive and easy way.
Up to 3 points of calibration and 2 colours display easy on to read. 

pHmeter 50+ series: basic and easy

the LCD back light display shows all the informations that you need about measurement, included icon for stability.
Up to 3 points of calibration with automatic recognition for USA buffers. Easy to calibrate.