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Portable Multiparameters are designed for field measurements.

In particular, the new series of XS Instruments® portable Multiparameters, MADE IN ITALY 7/70 Vio Series, is characterized by an elegant and ergonomic design, a large high-resolution color LCD display (backlit) for simultaneous indication of conductivity and temperature, stability indicator and calibration data.

The PC 7 Vio instrument is a very simple entry-level instrument to use, with only 6 keys it is possible to perform all operations.
Measurement of pH, mV, ORP, Conductivity, TDS and Temperature.

The PC 70 Vio instrument, on the other hand, is an instrument with advanced functions such as Data Logger to record values ??with date and time, 1000 saves in GLP function, connection to a PC via USB interface for data download.
Measurement of pH, mV, Conductivity, TDS Salinity and Temperature.

TOP OF THE RANGE and newcomer to the family, XS Revio represents the ideal "combo" for those who need to have all the measures at hand.
In addition to all the functionalities of the aforementioned instruments, it allows the measurement of Resistivity but above all DO (Dissolved Oxygen) by means of a polarographic sensor, thus combining the performance XS PC 70 Vio + XS Oxy 7 Vio.