TEMP 7 K-T without probe including carry case

Temp 7 K / T

Thermometer portable, microprocessor, for thermocouples type K and T. Reading the MIN and MAX values, stability indicator of the measurement. Protected Calibration on one point with indicating the correction made ​​.. Freeze-reading and switch-off after 20 minutes of non-operating (can be disabled). Messages of self-diagnosis, rubber cover with bench support. Five years warranty for the electronic part. Degree of protection: IP56.
Measuring range with thermocouples type K: -200 ... 1350 °C Resolution: 0.1 °C between -99.9 ... 199.9 °C / over 1 °C.

For thermocouples type T: -250 ° C ... + 400 °C; Resolution: 0.1 °C between -99.9 ... 199.9 °C / over 1 °C. Carrying case included. Supplied without probes.

Power Supply for TM 947 Multichannel

TM 947 SD Multichannel Data Logger

TM 947 SD

Portable Digital Thermometer Data Logger 4 channels. Large backlit display with simultaneous display of 4 channels. 4 inputs for thermocouple K, J, T, E, R, S; 2 inputs for Pt 100.
Measuring range:
sensor type K: -100 ... 1300 °C (Res. Up to 999.9 0.1 °C, over 1 °C, accuracy: 0.5% of reading)
Pt 100: -200 ... 850 °C (Res. 0.1 °C accuracy: 0.4% of reading).
Data logger function manual and automatic with interval acquisition adjustable from 1 to 3600 sec. Data saving directly to SD card 2GB (provided). The read data on the SD card are directly exportable to Excel for all types of processing. Permanent memory with MIN-MAX function and difference T1-T2. Freeze-reading and switch-off deactivated. Power 6 1.5V batteries (AA) or a network with a dedicated power supply (not supplied). Carrying case included. Supplied without probes.