Polarographic sensor D07/3MT, 2 membrane, filling solution

2 membranes for OXY DO7 / 3MT sensor Replacement Kit

1X30 ml filling solution for OXY DO7 / 3MT electrode

Standard 0 disposable oxygen Kit 5 bottles for DO7 / 3MT, LDO70 / 2MT, LDO70 / 10MT

Armour in PPE for sensor DO7/3MT

Standard 0 single-use oxygen for DO7 / 3MT, LDO70 / 2MT, LDO70 / 10MT

Optical sensor LDO70/2MT only for Oxy 70

Optical sensor LDO70/10MT only for Oxy 70

LDO membrane for LDO70 / 2MT and LDO70 / 10MT sensor

Armour in steel for dip immersion only for LDO70, 3 and 10 mt