Electrode holder with flexible arm MOD.3900

STIRRER for series 8

Magnetic stirrer with adjustable speed for instruments of 8 and 80 series, with electrode holder support, becker for calibration with magnetic stirrer and external connection cable.

External Soft Keybord for series 80 with USB

pH Electrode mod. 201T for pH 7 / pH 70 / pH50

Combined pH electrode for pH meter pH 50, pH 0 ... 14, temperature 0 ... 60 °C with built-in temperature sensor. Plastic body for general uses. Fixed cable plug BNC + RCA Cinch. Glass body (LxØ) mm 120x12, fixed cable with BNC plug and connector for temperature sensor. Gel filling with porous septum. Maintenance free.

NT55 Temperature Probe for pH 7 / pH 70 / pH50

KIT: NT55 Temperature Probe + Cable BNC for series 7*70 / pH50