Electrode holder with flexible arm MOD.3900

STIRRER for 8+DHS - 80+DHS Series

Magnetic stirrer with adjustable speed for instruments of 8 and 80 series, with electrode holder support, becker for calibration with magnetic stirrer and external connection cable.

External soft keyboard for 80+DHS Series, with USB

XS 201T Electrode

Combined pH electrode for pH meter pH 50, pH 0 ... 14, temperature 0 ... 60 °C with built-in temperature sensor. Plastic body for general uses. Fixed cable plug BNC + RCA Cinch. Glass body (LxØ) mm 120x12, fixed cable with BNC plug and connector for temperature sensor. Gel filling with porous septum. Maintenance free.

NT 55 Temperature Probe

KIT: NT 55 Temperature Probe - S7/BNC Cable 1m lenght