PC 8+ DHS STIRRER Bench With electrode Polymer Without CELL
Item: 50004162



Multiparameter pH, mV, COND, TDS, Salinity, Temperature, microprocessor digital benchtop instrument, resolution ± 0.1 / 0.01 pH / 0.01 μS. Large, backlit color graphic display. Simultaneous display of pH / COND and temperature. Automatic calibration from 1 to 3 points for pH according to GLP with date and time. Selectable NIST, USA and user definable buffers (2 values). Calibration report and innovative graphic representation. Display of the buffers used for calibration on the display. Manual or automatic temperature compensation with NT 55 probe. Automatic and manual conductivity calibration with recognition of 4 standards (84; 1413 μS, 12.88 and 111 mS) from 1 to 4 points with calculation of the different cell constants and a standard defined by the 'user. Automatic scale change, automatic and manual temperature compensation (0 ... 100.0 ° C) with NT 55 probe. Reference temperature (15 ... 30 ° C), Linear temperature coefficient (0.00 ... 10.00%), Selectable cell constant (C = 0.1 - 1-10.0). Display on the display of the standards used for calibration. Manual and automatic Data Logger function. Memory / recall up to 1000 data with date / time according to GLP. Intuitive management of parameters via icons. Multilingual menu. Alarm setting and display functions in analogue format, "Latch-reading" and "Stability" with titration mode, recalibration alarm, self-diagnosis messages. USB output for PC connection and RS232 port for printer connection. Numerical password for management of calibration and cancellation of memory. Magnetic stirrer with independent control. PC software downloadable for free. IP54 keyboard, warranty on the electronic part of 3 years.

Measurement rangepH -2.00 ... 16.00 (0.01 pH); mV-2000 ... + 2000 (1 mV); COND: 0.00 μS ... 200.0 mS; Salinity: 0.01 ... 100.0 ppt; TDS: 0.1 mg / l ... 100.0 g / l; °C -10 ... 110.0 (0.1 ° C);

Complete with glass electrode XS Polymer S7, S7/BNC cable, temperature probe NT 55, no cell conductivity, support holders, magnetic stirrer with adjustable speed, buffers coloured, glasses for calibration with stirring bars and power supply.