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Centrifugation is the process that allows the separation of molecules and particles suspended in liquids, or even liquids from other liquids with different densities. The process bases its operating principle precisely on the density difference that exists in nature between different materials, accelerating a separation that otherwise would only occur with the force of earth's gravity. in this way, therefore, the sedimentation occurs much more rapidly and with a clearer separation result.

What are centrifuges?

Centrifuges, whether industrial or laboratory, are instruments used to accelerate the separation between bodies having different densities through the use of centrifugal force or, more precisely, centrifugal acceleration.

Very often the performance of centrifuges is expressed on the basis of the maximum achievable speed. However, the speed only approximately expresses the real force that develops inside the centrifuged material.

This force, on the other hand, is more correctly expressed as relative centrifugation force (RCF = relative centrifugation force).